Setting Up Your Guitar Correctly

The very first thing to realize is that you need to EARN YOUR GUITARS.

Before you go running out to buy something expensive please make sure that your playing really does warrant it! There's nothing more sad than a beginner buying a beautiful, expensive guitar just because they have the money to do so.

They won't appreciate the quality of tone because their ear isn't sensitive enough. It's like buying a sports car but never going past 58km/hr on it! It's a waste.

Here's The Good News

You can buy a cheap guitar and MAKE IT GOOD.

All you need to do is adjust intonation and action and you'll have a beautiful playing guitar to learn on.

Book Guitar Lessons

I have a few spots left in my teaching timetable if you want me to be your guitar teacher. All lessons are strictly 1-1 and take place in my home studio. Full parking available.

Teaching Hours:

Mon: 5pm - 10pm

Tuesday: 7pm - 9pm

Wednesday: 4pm - 8pm

Thursday: 5pm - 10pm

Friday: No classes

Weekends: No classes


Payment is monthly in advance. 25 EURO for each 30 minute lesson.

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